Founded in 2014 by Darryl Carter, Dex & Dave Consulting, Inc.  started as a small company, but soon doubled after his first year in business. 

Dex & Dave Consulting, Inc. is a sales and marketing company which focuses on winning for our people and winning for our clients.

Years of Experience
Amazing Team Members
Happy Customers


Retail Sales

Face-to-face sales is our expertise. We understand the importance human interaction and connection.

People Development

We focus on being proactive to the ever-changing world of business; training mindset over skill.

Wealth Creation

At DDI Consulting, Inc. our entrepreneurial environment is our secret sauce to success. Creating a lifestyle towards financial freedom.

Team Building

Dex & Dave Consulting, Inc. builds trust by encouraging open communication amongst our team.

Customer Acquisition

We've identified our potential customers in order for our company to grow. Our priority is to deliver results for our clients.

City Expansions

We develop highly skilled professionals in the areas of sales, service, and business to expand for our client's market demands.

Company Culture

Our team at Dex & Dave Consulting, Inc. focuses on people development and loves it! Take a look for yourself!

We're Hiring!

Dex & Dave Consulting, Inc. Is looking for fresh new talent in sacramento